Default [Q] Can someone verify that I'm not going to botch this? =]

So I was on Jasmine with the updated NC2/NC4 flashed via Odin.

I intended on upping to Jasmine 1.6 tonight and I wanted to start 100% fresh. So I backed up my ext/int partitions to my laptop, then formatted my external, loaded Jasmine 1.6 and whatnot to my clean external, then booted into Safestrap.

I then wiped everything, even my internal partition (yeah, idiot move I'm finding). It rebooted (which i didn't expect), and I'm not in bootloop.

With the new tether method.

Can I simply:
- flash the NC4 TAR here:
- TowelRoot
- Install SafeStrap
- Proceed with Jasmine install?

I want to maintain the ability to take advantage of the insecure kernels and whatnot should the day come that we get access to those goodies. Should I not Odin the NC4 and instead roll with the MJE TAR?

Thanks for your help!

NM, I failed to realize that TowelRoot will work on 4.3 so I'm just going to roll with MJE.

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