Angry [Q] Can the official stock KitKat 4.4.2 build (VRUFND7) be dual booted with AOSP?

I could not get the Devil kernel to work for dual booting VRUFND7 stock 4.4.2, and CM11. CM11 M7 had a " has stopped working" pop up repeatedly, and stock 4.4.2's screen stayed black, so I'm not sure how much that worked or not, either. (adb gave errors about lack or permission or something like that.)

So, is there any way to dual boot that DOES work with the latest stock firmware? HDMI and a stable camera are the only reasons I care about using stock at all, so alternatively, if you know of a way to get HDMI to work with Cyanogenmod that would be amazing.

I'd post in the dev forums but I'm not allowed to.