Question [Q] Screen permanently turned off while performing service for my G2.

Hello Guys.

I got some problem with my 3.5mm jack, so I decided to order a whole new tape with USB connector and 3.5mm jack port.

Got the package with small toolkit to open phone and change this thing by myself.
I've followed instructions from one of many youtube DIY movies.

New parts got installed, everything went pretty well... then closed phone. Turned On... and here I em...

Power button doesnt work, I see no light around the power button, no screen reaction... But I hear that phone turned on because of LG logon sound. Phone reacts while pluged in to charger, USB->PC too.

Attached picture with exact conectors I plugged off while changing parts inside.
Why power button doesnt light up? Why doesnt work? Is there some small connector between power button and the board, because I dont see any, there is a Toshiba Chip just beneath the power button/volume part.
Please help me, give me some advices what exactly could get wrong.

LG G2 Inside

Thank You for any help.
Sorry in forward for my English...