Default [Q] How to enable soft menu keys? [Solved]

Is there a way to enable soft keys like Nexus or Moto X? I'm not looking for an app that fakes the behavior.
I have a Note 3 4.4.2 Kitkat (NC2).

I know I can disable the hardwired buttons through editing "/system/usr/keylayout/Generic.kl", comment out these:
# key 139 MENU
# key 158 BACK

To get the softkeys, I edited "/system/build.prop", and I added
After a reboot it stopped booting, so I had to do a complete restore from a backup.

...never mind. I tried editing build.prop first, then saw that the soft-key on the bottom appeared just fine. Then I disabled the hardware keys by editing Generic.kl file. Works perfect!

I found that the menu icon now sometimes interferes in places such as Recent Call List. To get rid of the 3 dot menu, I installed Noverflow xposed mod.
And then re-enabled the hardware keys by re-editing Generic.kl file.

Softkeys enabled
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