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Important Information

List of ROMs installable on the SM-N900W8 (by Model number): Here

Current Firmware: N900W8VLU2DOC4 - Download

Latest Recommended Modem (LP): N900W8VLU2DOC4
Previous Recommended Modem (KK): N900W8VLUCNI1
Flashing a Modem:
If you have an invulnerable bootloader, you can flash any of the latest modems through Odin no problem, download and flash under CP.
If the modem does not stick after flashing:
Flash it without Auto-reboot ticked.
Manually turn off your phone (battery pull required), then immediately go back into Download Mode.
Flash it again, then manually reboot the phone (battery pull again) after done.
GPS Problems Fix (Not Locking): Here by @crom1.
Thanks @Calen77 for the find!
Vulnerable: Trippable
Invulnerable: Untrippable under any circumstances while running the bootloader loaded phone. Odin flashing friendly.
Semi-invulnerable: Trippable under one condition (can be ignored if you don't plan to downgrade). Otherwise they are all untrippable.


All 4.3 N900W8 bootloaders are normal bootloaders and will trip when it detects any modification.

All 4.4.2 N900W8 bootloaders are unable to be tripped when doing just rooting and installing custom recovery.
-> The leaked Mexican bootloader allows you to avoid tripping the bootloader even through a downgrade of 4.4.2 to 4.3.
-> Canadian 4.4.2 bootloaders will trip if you attempt any downgrade to 4.3. This is the only issue.
-> You can flash a different modem, a different ROM base (AOSP or TW), CSC, Kernel, Recovery and NOT trip KNOX on any devices.

Currently known N900W8 4.3 vulnerable bootloaders: MI5, MJ1, MJ4
Currently known N900W8 4.4.2 invulnerable bootloaders: MEXICAN NA2
Currently known N900W8 4.4.2 semi-invulnerable bootloaders: NB7
Currently known N900W8 5.0 vulnerable bootloaders: DOC4

For the people running MI5, MJ1 vulnerable bootloaders (excluding MJ4) and not willing to upgrade to 4.4.2 -> I suggest using URDLV to root without tripping KNOX:
For the people running MJ4 vulnerable bootloader and not willing to upgrade to 4.4.2 -> You can use Kingo root to root, however this is a fondly avoided app, as the first version sent your IMEI to a server in China. Hesitant to upgrade to 4.4.2? You're done.
For the people running MJ4 vulnerable bootloader -> I suggest following the guide below this Q&A to get your phone to 4.4.2, so you get the Mexican bootloader to be free of all KNOX and it's dread. (Highly recommended)
For the people running NB7 semi-invulnerable bootloader -> You are free to root, custom ROM flash, replace your kernel, modem updating through Odin, etc. Just do not attempt to downgrade if you want to preserve KNOX.

Q: But but but, what if I.....
A: NA2 bootloader? Nothing you do can touch your bootloader UNLESS you intentionally upgrade your phone through KIES or Odin. These are the only two tools that is able to touch your bootloader. Everything you do will preserve KNOX. The hierarchy of your phone stands so that the bootloader is on top of the recovery partition, and everything else is under recovery. Recovery is unable to touch the Bootloader (like how a normal office worker can't fire their boss).

Q: How about.....
A: NA2 bootloader? You are safe. Stop worrying about sh*t.

Q: How does this work?
A: The Mexican NA2 was a leaked firmware for the N900W8 intended for development devices, it was never released in the "NA#"'s officially for the N900W8 models. (Need confirmation if tripped KNOX on the Mexican version of N900W8) This could mean they turned off the functionality of the security breach on these devices while trying to distinguish the two different N900W8's modems so they don't trip everyone's KNOX when the OTA is released. In layman's terms, the Mexican firmware was the base for the Canadian version, but when applying different patches to distinguish the two regions, they needed a development version that doesn't trip KNOX. The latest NB7 was not patched most probably due to either not noticing this flaw or slow updates as usual (very, very slow).

Q: How do I check my bootloader version?
A: Using @vndnguyen's app on the play store, located here. Look under Firmware Info (in green), and then under Bootloader version. Take the last three characters for the actual bootloader version.

Q: I'm on DOC4, can I follow the guide after this?
A: No.

================================================== ================================================

My guide to get any Canadian Note 3 on 4.3 to 4.4.2 safely without tripping KNOX
Credits will also go to @Oogar and @polish_pat for the tutorials and their original files!

This is my version of @Oogar's and @polish_pat's guides, and I will keep them up to date. What's the difference? Well I will keep the links as fresh as possible and mirroring them as I see fit.
I will also provide pictures so that you will be assured you are doing the correct thing.

Step 0: Verify your BOOTLOADER version
If your bootloader is of version MI5, MJ1 or MJ4, move onto the next step. Click the button below for a brief instruction how to check.
If your bootloader is of version NA2 (somehow) or NB7, skip to the contents of Step 4, however you won't be on a "happy" (invulnerable) bootloader if you are on NB7.
Using @vndnguyen's app on the play store, located here. Look under Firmware Info (in green), and then under Bootloader version. Take the last three characters for the actual bootloader version.

Step 1: Download these files!
Step 2: I am on MI5/MJ1/MJ4!
NOTE: This will erase all your data from your phone as you will be flashing a LEAKED firmware. Official ROMs do not wipe your data. Make sure you make a backup.
  1. Install Kies, then reboot your computer. (Do not open Kies, it will affect Odin!)
  2. Extract Odin3 on your desktop using WinRAR or 7zip.
  3. Open up "Odin3 v3.09.exe"
  4. Turn off your phone and hold the HOME BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN + POWER BUTTON until you see a warning -> Press Down to Continue.
  5. Plug in your phone using the original USB 3.0 cable (highly recommended)
  6. Step 2 complete! Move onto the next step if you succeeded. If not, try restarting your computer.
Step 3: Odin's opened, device detected!
  1. Make sure your Odin looks exactly like this (as shown in the photo below) with all the defaulted values. Do not tick anything unnecessary that is not mentioned in the photo. If your Odin looks EXACTLY like the photo I showed, move onto the next step (excluding ID:COM values).
  2. Now add in the files you downloaded above according to their bracket names. Make sure that you UNCHECK Re-partition once all the files are set.
  3. Click start and wait for the process to finish!

    NOTE: If you can't boot up normally, retry the process above but check Re-Partition in Odin instead.

Step 4: You are now on the famous N900W8 "happy" (invulnerable) bootloader!
  • If you just want to obtain root and custom recovery, move on to Step 5 and finish there.
  • If you want to flash ROMs, move on to Step 6. (NOTE: Yes you can follow Step 6 after Step 5, but if you plan to flash ROMs at the start, you don't have to root your current ROM.)

Step 5: I'm not going to flash ROMs, I just need root and custom recovery....
  1. Download ChainFire's CF-Auto Root: Direct from Chainfire's Website
  2. Download the latest TWRP for N900W8: Nicholas' Database or TWRP Server (Slower)
  3. Turn off your phone and hold the HOME BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN + POWER BUTTON until you see a warning -> Press Down to Continue.
  4. Extract "" to a specified folder and ONLY touch the .md5 file, DO NOT TOUCH ANY OTHER FILES.
  5. In Odin's AP area, select "CF-Auto-Root-hlte-hltexx-smn9005.tar.md5"
  6. Click Start
  7. Once it is complete, let your phone fully boot into the lockscreen, the put it in Download Mode again.
  8. In Odin, press Reset, then In Odin's AP area, select "openrecovery-twrp-"
  9. Click Start
  10. Once it is complete, take a Nandroid backup and you have finished this guide! DO NOT PROGRESS FURTHER UNLESS YOU WANT TO FLASH ROMs.
  11. If you can't write to your SD card, follow this guide by @Khizar:

Step 6: I will flash a custom ROM after this....
  1. Download the latest TWRP for N900W8: TWRP Server
  2. Turn off your phone and hold the HOME BUTTON + VOLUME DOWN + POWER BUTTON until you see a warning -> Press Up to Continue.
  3. In Odin, press Reset, then In Odin's AP area, select "openrecovery-twrp-"
  4. Click Start
  5. Once it is complete, take a Nandroid backup of your current ROM.
  6. Boot into your current ROM and take the Nandroid backup out of your phone's internal storage, and move it into your external SD. [URGENT]
  7. Put your custom ROM you desire into your external SD, in this guide I will be guiding for an N9005 ROM.
  8. Put your custom Kernel you desire into your external SD, you will need an N900T kernel [IMPORTANT, ANY STOCK N9005 KERNEL WILL BREAK WIFI/NFC FUNCTIONALITY] (If AOSP OR S5 ROM, skip this step)
  9. Put this NFC/Wifi/BT fix into your external SD: N900W8 KK WIFI-NFC Fix (NI1 Source).zip -- Thanks a lot @Oogar for the file. (If AOSP OR S5 ROM, skip this step)
  10. Turn off your phone and hold the HOME BUTTON + VOLUME UP + POWER BUTTON until you see "RECOVERY BOOTING..."
  11. Install the three files in this procedure:
    Wipe /system, wipe /data, wipe /cache, wipe /dalvik-cache,
  12. Boot up and enjoy! If you have any problems follow this link:
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