Default [Guide] convert F180 to E975 with Kikat 4.4.2 Stock E975V20A Update 16/7/2014

First things first, I hold no responsibility for bricked phones, you flash, you break, you fix.

+ First backup all data to PC and should "Hard Reset" to flush Memory.
+ Flash your F180S/L/K to 4.4.2 stock V30B/C :
+ Root the phone with this : then install "SupperSu" from Playstore
+ Backup your IMEI with this tool (Use "Backup_Imei.bat") : ; After backup Imei copy Folde "Backup_Imei" to safe location.
+ Download modem of KK 4.4.2 :
+ Flash again with E975 V20A stock
+ Root again
+ Copy back folder "Backup_Imei" to phone memory and replace modem.img with F180S/L/K you have
+ Rum "Restore_Imei.bat"

+ Install "SQLite editer" from Google play to open "settings.db" in location "Data\data\\database s" select "global" -> find "subscription_mode" change value "1" to "0" then save and exit.
+ Reboot Phone and Signal will back with any F180S/L/K with E975 Kitkat Rom

Boom F180K/S/L convert to E975 Stockrom will have singal (3G/2G), SMS with 3G/2G too - I'm not tested LTE
LTE also work too, thank for reported

My F180K work suscess with this

Fixed can't send SMS
Still my bug please someone fix : I'cant sent SMS
Thank hoangnova.
Thanks VTD to most tool I've use
Souce : and http://lgviet.vnG and