Wink Opo buying from outside: Aadvantages and Disadvantages

If you buy from outside what will be advantages and disadvantages...


1) You will not get warranty from opo.

2) As we all know ... you will miss the official CyanogenMod logo on back.

3) You will not able to use 4G in USA mainly due to baseband mismatching (it is not international version).

4) Miss Opo support.

5) Pay high price ..approx $90 to $120 more.

6) More shipping charge approx $40 by DHL.

7) Phone might come with Color Os , most of us like CM11S.


1) You will get seller 1 year warranty...have to ask seller before buying.

2) Other than USA, 4G baseband will work mostly in Europe.
Check and compare it with your telecom provider in your country

3) Same hardware specs and same production factory in China.

4) No begging for invitation, because you are paying for it. No stupid contests , No forever waiting. Avoid wastage of time daily and give time to your job and family. Peace of mind and a regular normal life

5) You will get both Black / White in 16gb /64gb

6) Even if it comes with Color Os , you can always flash CM11S by downloading from the official link below...

7) Import Duty is applicable in both case...depending on country's customs rule.

8) Receive your phone in approx 7 days after order.


Take your own decision, I am not forcing anyone... Just some information like to share with you all...

Few websites selling opo as most of us already know...

Oppomart . com
EBay (too high price)

Go with your heart not with your brain....