Question [Q] Exporting Hangouts chat history from Unrooted 4.1.2 device?

I need to somehow export a chat record from my mobile device Hangouts history to any external, human readable, file format (.txt, xml or whatever...)

Since that specific chat was "off the record" on my desktop gmail interface, I can only access it's content from my mobile device Hangouts history (I actually didn't expected it to be there as well...)

Seems like it should be a trivial feature - but I couldn't find anyway to do it...

If someone could recommend an app. or a different way of doing it - I'll be grateful...

That chat content is critical for me and I don't want to lose it....

The device is an unrooted, "Chinese" pure 4.1.2 variant.


P.S.: I tried few apps w/o success:
- Hangouts Chat Export
- Hangout Backup Pro
- HangoutToPDF

Also - Google Takout file did'nt included that content - probably since it's not accessible from the desktop interface (was "offTheRecord)