Unhappy (Help) M110s Kitkat Rom

I tried to install all kind of roms with (M110s Kitkat Patch) i.e

Mackay ROM 4.9.3
C-RoM** -4.4.4- -v7.1...
[4.4.3]Paranoid Android for the Galaxy S
[ROM][4.4.3]Omni for the Galaxy S
[KK 4.4.2][ROM]Mackay OMNI ROM

But all of them don't work properly. Some of them(Slimkat, BeanSTalk, Paranoid, C-Rom v4.4.4) don't show incoming call nortification. It only just show missed call after no answer.
Some of them(Nameless rom, Omni) don't detect internal memory.
But i assure you all of them does not have a single error during installation. Please help me!

Thanks in advance and sorry for my bad english :P