Default [Q] Echoe ROM versions and suggestions

I was trying to post this on the Echoe rom thread but it wasn't letting for some reason, so I'll ask here.
I'm currently running PAC rom on my S4 M919 and have ran it for a while now and was looking to try something new. So I want some suggestions for a good Jelly Bean based ROM that has great customization. I also came across one that I think I'll try but I need to ask a few things about it.
I want to try Echoe but I don't know what version is Jelly Bean? I don't like KitKat because of the whole not being able to write to external SD card, which is omething I need for my apps to run. If their KitKat versions are able to write to ext storage then I'm fine. I also want to know what are the different versions of Echoe. I don't know if they're special in some way, if they're themed, or what. Also how great is Echoe; when it comes to customization, storage, speed/performance, etc.?
I haven't been able to find a comparable rom to PAC and I would stick with it, but I really want something that is update.