Default Wrong display of numbers in persian in the Chinese phones

Wrong display of numbers in Farsi in the Chinese phones

hi all
i download rom for Elephone P7 Mini (needrom)
When I chose the Persian language.Prices are displayed in reverse order (Date and Time)
08:45 right ===> 80:54 False
The Arabic language is correct but wrong in Persian language is displayed.
It has been observed in many Chinese phones-- how to fix this

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Typically on custom Roms, there are language level settings. Those are typically listed under Settings > Language & Input. You may have to explore there to see if there's some settings. Otherwise the Persian translation was done incompletely.

Either way you should post the query in Android Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting
Thank you my friend.
Is not this problem be solved by changing the ROM?

Does anyone know where is the problem and what the solution for this problem?