Tutorial [GUIDE] LG Optimus ZIP(L75C) Root

Root for LG Optimus Zip

Before I start, I know there are guides out there but many of them fail or aren't detailed enough for a new user to understand.

I am not responsible for any damages you have done to your phone. Such as bootloops,bricking,and unresponsive hardware.

Ministro II.apk



Step 1
Download the required files above and place them on your phone. Either internal storage or SD card, doesn't matter

Step 2
Enable Unknown sources if you haven't already, Unknown sources allows third party applications to be installed so this is required.

Step 3
Go to where the files were placed, install both of them. If you have any errors or you aren't allowed make sure you have unknown sources checked.

Step 4
Open Poot, it will then open Ministro II and install libraries required for the root to work.

Step 5
Once it is completed, tap the button that says "Press here to poot"

Step 6
Messages will appear on your screen , they should look like this
[-]current && current != last + 1: 0000ffff 0000ffff
[-]Haxx has run its coarse. Reboot the device to play again
A demon materialized while pooting. Error code: 64
These messages mean it cannot reboot the device, only you can because the root method does not recognize the device since it was made for other devices.

Step 7
Once your finished rebooting, open Poot again. Poot has a root checker to make sure your phone has been rooted successfully. If it was successful continue to the next step(You may not see super user even thought it says success,keep reading)

Step 8
It may seem odd but this step is required, download Super user from the google play store.

Step 9
Poot and Ministro are not required to keep but I keep them on a small SD card just in case I lose my root.

If you do receive a error message that doesn't look normal or is said in any steps, redo all the steps there is a chance you could have missed a step.If that does not fix your error feel free to PM me or just reply to the thread.
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