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So I used a guide a few months back to make my HTC One into the Google Play edition. Today I finally got around to installing some updates. I went to 4.4.3 and installed it, and then noticed that there was another update out, 4.4.4, and went ahead and it installed that as well. Everything came out fine, but I'm having some issues:
The biggest is a flickering kind of screen glitch - I've attached a photo. I can't take screenshots anymore, either; it tells me that 'storage may be in use'. It goes away if I swipe or change something, but always comes back if I, say, reopen the keyboard. It happens everywhere, including the status bar.
The powerdown menu also no longer displays. My screen simply goes dark like it does when the menu opens, but it doesn't display the options. It still functions as if it's there, as I've been able to use it to shut down my phone.

I haven't been able to find anything online about it - perhaps I should just roll back to the last version I was running if I can't figure this out.

Anybody know? Wasn't having issues like this before.
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