Unhappy [Q] i9500 Won't Boot After Uninstalling setCPU

Hello everyone. I have a i9500 international 16gb. I rooted it with cvm method. And installed setCPU. Then i have check set on boot. And altered governor settings mindlessly. After this I uninstalled setCPU. And right after that restarted the phone opened like a charm after couple of seconds crashed and rebooted itself when opened it sayed 0% battery and rebooted again then again saying no battery. I opened and looked at the battery, it is NOT Flat anymore. And phone smelled a little (not too much).
Before this happened i have used phone without a problem for days. Now it is booting just to reboot right after.
Is it because Battery or Did i need to Format it? And I am a complete beginner so if you could explain details it would be appreciated. I dont know which other information to supply. So let me know.
Thanks in advance.