Default [Q] Micromax Unite 2 - Rooted and Internal SD card

Hi ,

I really need a help !! I bought the new Micromax Unite 2 A106 and some how with the help of XDA forum i successfully rooted (installed supersu from recovery - i flashed recovery with scatter some method found from the forum). Now i have few questions which really i am dying to know., please help me

I am using 8 GB SD card (Class 4)., partitioned as 1st partion FAT32 ~4GB and 2nd partion as EXT4 ~4GB

1. From settings -> storage, my mobile is showing.
1.1 Internal Memory ( Total: 1.89 GB out which i almost used every thing)
1.2 External SD card (Total: ~4 GB)
1.3 Internal SD card (Total 1.97 GB out of which nothing is used)

My EXT4 memory is not show., But in Link2SD Storage-info it is show (also mounted some were on /data/sdxta2)

With out help of Link2SD, Before installing apps... In settings -> storage i selected "Internal SD" as default installation location. Tried to install many apps nothing goes into Internal SD memory (Total 1.97 still seems to be free) which is accessible from file explorer.

With help of Link2SD, created a mount script in EXT4 partion... After reboot Link2SD didn't give any error for mount script., In Link2SD created "link" for apps and it asks for a reboot.. after reboot., the app is not show in android., but i can see they have been linked /data/sdxta2.

I don't understand why linking apps disapper and why can't i use that Internal SD memory of ~ 1.97 GB for apps installation.

Thanks a ton guys !!! your help will save my Unite 2 & Me