Default [Q] Can the SM-T217A do voice calls?

"Of course not, it's a tablet!" But i was doing some web browsing, and came across this:

and this:

But there is no dialer, though. I have been trying to see if I can find a dialer apk that I can install to see if I can make voice calls after inserting a SIM card that has a full voice and data plan. (My current SIM is data-only) I don't know what apk to use, though. I looked though the /system/app directory on my Galaxy Victory, and I see files like ''SecTelephonyProvider.apk' and 'SecPhone.apk', but nothing like 'dialer.apk' (that would be too simple).

The new KitKat dialer is available for phones with KitKat ROMs:

But, of course, I am still using 4.2.2. Maybe when the official KitKat update finally becomes available for the SM-T217A, I could install this, install a voice/data SIM card, and see if I can make calls. Or would it be that simple? I have a feeling I might need to edit build.prop somewhere to enable the dialer, but I have no experience with this.

Anyway, if anyone has some thoughts on this, I'd appreciate it.