Default sad but selling dna

time has come ive gotten a new phone and the dna has a smashed screen with limited functions
its rooted unlocked running team gummy 4.4 binned fast and can handle zarboz old blackout kernel at 1.9 just fine

make a reasonable offer if someone wants for dev or something

only selling cause my newborn will eat any time i was going to put into arch on the dna as a perm solution for it nor have to money to fix screen

so thanks for your tim and thanks to the devs who made this phone the only phone to ever want well unless the nexus 6 drops with 64bit caps maybe compiling source code possible i am hoping
round 2 with hardware failure maybe the heat from welding maybe to much flashing i dunno but htc and asurion aren't happy lol.

smartphones and ironwork dumb choices

you dont remember huh? time travel to before that dubby bro.