Default [GUIDE] How to auto random change lockscreen wallpaper with Tasker on Galaxy S4


I just made a simple Tasker lockscreen wallpaper changer for Galaxy S4 i9505 kitkat

Pre-requested :
1. Rooted phone
2. Tasker with Secure Settings
3. wallpaper images in any folder
4. Busy Box free for linux cp command (will explain later)


1. Create a folder on SD card with images you want to use for wallpaper. eg /sdcard/downloads/wallpapers where image filenames have naming convention: picture_x.jpg where x is a counter number starting with 1 eg picture_1.jpg, picture_2.jpg etc
2. Create a Tasker profile name eg. "Lockscreen wallpaper", set running time from morning hrs to late evening - thi is time when lockscreen wallpapers will be rotating.
3. Create a Taker task eg "Change Lockscreen wallpaper" containing-following commands:
a) add Variable Randomize with name %PICNO, min 1, max 100. 100 is number of your wallpaper image files.
b) I dont know why Tasker copy file was not able to copy file from wallpaper folder to system lockscreen wallpaper location (even root option was selected) but for this taks I had to use BusyBox cp command which worked ok.
Now wee need to copy our random image to temporary file we gonna use for lockscreen later:
Copy file from /sdcard/downloads/wallpapers/picture_%PICNO.jpg to /sdcard/downloads/wallpapers/temp.jpg
c) add Secure Settings -> Run Command:
cp /sdcard/downloads/wallpapers/temp.jpg /data/data/
check: use root and wait for process
d) add Wait : set to eg 10 minutes (will change your lockscreen every 10 mins)
e) add Goto Action number 1

4 Check it - launch you task , lock phone, unlock it. verify. Remember that changeing wallpaper will work when your phone is unlocked so new lockscreen wallpaper will be shown next time you wake your phone.