Question Pattern Lock wake-up is SLOW

I've posted a couple questions threads in the past few days so I hate to throw another one up here but this one is killing me.

Everything seems back to normal on my note except the fact that it takes 3-5 seconds for my phone to unlock after entering my unlock pattern. Another bug it has is that it wont set a pin unlock, you can enter the pin you want twice and it tries to save it but defaults back to a swipe unlock, It wont actually save the PIN unlock. It seems like it's having trouble cross checking the pattern or saving the pin to a file ... if that makes sense

I'm running this rom, odexed with an nc2 modem - Towel rooted and safe strapped.

I've been doing a lot of research and tried everything I've found, nothing has helped so far.

I've tried removing the sd, forcing GPU rendering, increasing animation times in dev. settings, clearing cache and dalvik, taking the personal message off of the lock screen, disabling watchON.

any ideas here at all?
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