Unhappy How to unlock android phone.

Firstly, i am new at XDA, and this is my first thread

I am having a MTS MTAG, its locked to support MTS sim cards only, when i bought the phone i took it to my brothers place ( In another city )
for unlocking that phone, he took me to the nearby shop for unlocking the phone, but now the phone (by mistake) got a hard reset and now its again asking for MTS only sim card, no one knows in my towwn how to unlock mobiles ( small town) and the person in my brothers town closed his shop and left, I would have simply used an MTS card but MTS stopped his service in my state, so please tell me how to unlock it ( i think i will be able to do it on my own if i know the procedure). AND if it helps its a CDMA device. When i turn on the phone its asks me to insert mts sim and without it can cant operate it. PLEASE HELP ME !!!!!!!