Question [How to] Remove Bootloader Warning

After unlocking bootloader every boot bothers us by showing warning in red letters.
Here is how to remove that :
Thanks @Topsnake

You will need mfastboot, adb, bootlogo - all.

I'll take no guarantee for bricking your device if you are doing something wrong!
I used the
Extract it.

If you have path of adb and mfastboot added to system variables, just shif+right click in the folder where logo file resides. Choose 'open command prompt here'.
Otherwise, copy logo file to mfastboot directory and open command prompt there.

Run theses commands:
adb reboot bootloader
mfastboot flash logo logo_fixed.bin
mfastboot reboot
Replace the logo_fixed.bin with the name of logo you are flashing.

If you wish to create your own boot logo, then head to this :
Thanks @KidJoe