Default MTP USB device drivers installation Fail


I'm using a Bell Canada Samsung Galaxy S4 model SGH-i337M.

I tried to install the following driver I download from this one of the XDA Forums: SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones_1590

During installation everything went fine but the part related to MTP USB device Failed.

This problem has been encountered for all the other drivers version I tried to install.

Every time I have been trying to install a driver, I always uninstalled the previous driver and rebooted before to install the new driver.

I even ran the USB driver cleaner application DriveCleanup version befor and rebooted in order to make sure that no other USB drivers would remain on my Windows 7 x64 based computer.

No matter what I tried, I've never been able to install the MTP USB device driver installation successfully.

I would appreciate it very very much if someone could help me solve this annoying problem.

Thanks in advance.