Sign Has anybody the original The Room & The Room 2 Amazon APK? (*no* illegal stuff here!)

I've got a little problem.
I bought the Amazon version of The Room some time ago (by mistake more or less) and now I also got The Room 2 via the current free deal.
However, I don't have a Kindle but a Galaxy Nexus. Therefore, I cannot download the app from the App Store.
According to the Play edition, the device should work, though. It is just Amazon that is preventing the install.

That's why I am looking for a way to install the game on my GNex.
Either you have an idea to fool the App Store into thinking I have a Kindle - I have XPrivacy installed, maybe this might help in spoofing it.
Or someone can send me the original (no crack or bull****) APKs, so I can install them manually? The App Store should then take care of the authentication, shouldn't it?

Thank you very much for your input!

As kind of a proof, here are my orders:
The Room
The Room Two