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I think its a great idea. There's nothing more comforting than seeing your new phone now has a ROM developed by somebody you've come to trust. If I bought a phone and saw the right developers (including you) asking for money to buy a dev device to speed up the development process, I'd definitely be willing to send $10/$20 dollars to ensure my new phone has quality support. Thirty guys per phone agree in principle at $20 a piece, that's $600 that can buy the phone to start development.

I'd suggest getting flar2 to mirror his ElementalX kernel to any ROM you develop by also raising enough money for him to support the phone as well. This is just my opinion for kernel support. Many android users like kernel options, especially stable options.

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Thanks for the input Yes, I agree that having a few developers and knowledge consolidators on board will help - but it's also up to them if they want to join.
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Or.... I'll trade my m8 for your n5. Come on. You don't want that thing anymore Then everyone is happy!

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But then how will I support my N5 buddies?
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Great idea Vomer, I would support

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Thank you
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A good idea but currently I have a device which you supports but I can help this team in funding ...
Thanks I wanted to gauge feedback first to see what people think. I do not want people to think that this is a pay for service type thing - it's more for a development device and reaching a standard of information delivery
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