Default [Q] Internal memory full,how to install app and data on EXTERNAL SD?

Hey everyone,

I have a HTC Desire 310 which has 4 GB internal storage (not separated in Internal and USB, it's only one storage) and from those 4 GB, only 2 GB are usable. Those 2 GB are almost full (800 MB left) and because of that I can't install any big games, like Dungeon Hunter 4 or others that have like 1-2 GB extra data. I have a 16 GB Micro SD and the phone is rooted. Is there any way to install games on External Micro SD or to download the extra data of the applications directly to the Micro SD? Applications like Folder Mount won't work, because I don't have enough space on the internal memory to first install them and then to move the data. I need something that will directly download the data on the Micro SD.

Thanks in advance.