Unhappy Light sensor of Micromax canvas 4 A210 and Lux autobrightness

My Micromax canvas 4 A210 won't read the values of the light sensor between 1 and 51 (never saw light sensor reading from 2-50). I'm concerned as other devices (not same canvas 4) read the values and the app 'Lux autobrightness' works well. Manufacturer of light sensor is Capella. I also discussed with Developer of Lux autobrightness and he just cant make the app 100% working for the 'Capella' light sensor.

BELOW is my email to Lux autobrighness developer:

Hey Vito, hope you are doing well.

My friend has this phone (Micromax A94 canvas Mad) and Lux is perfectly working (values are changing in Setting > Advance > Debug). My phone is Micromax canvas 4 A210 highly advanced than my him and values in Debug section, light sensor shows only 1 and 51 value. In his phone, values CHANGES like 1,6, 8 and so on swiftly according to ambient brightness.

What I observed is that, the light sensor of TAOS semiconductor corp. which is in my friend's phone, is much compatible with Lux and my light sensor is Capella. I tested both phones with same settings, HIS phone respond to change in lux values in Debug page and NOT MINE.

Hope you'll fix this. Thank you.