Default [Q] Having a very weird issue here, could really use some help.

I got my M8 (Sprint) about a month ago. I did some research and I feel comfortable rooting and going s-off, having done so on every HTC device I've owned, and followed the rooting instructions here: Root. I obviously didn't research enough and wasn't aware of the s-off issues that some M8s had, but I followed the s-off instructions here: S-Off. I flashed ARHD as per the instructions and having had to read more after s-off failed, I had to wait for Sunshine like everybody else. My problem now is, ARHD is the only ROM my phone will flash. If I flash any other ROMs, my phone will just boot into the bootloader every single time. ARHD is a fine ROM, but variety is the spice of life and I would like to check other ROMS, but I can't. I have been able to restore with the stock nandroids here on XDA, just can't flash any new ROMs. I've noticed that when I run a "getvar all" in adb, my mainver is blank. I don't know enough about this to able to say whether or not that is the culprit.