Default Camera app

I had my sd card fail the other day. I should have backed it up more recently than I had because I lost a camera app and I'm wondering if you guys can help me?

This camera app was simply named "camera" and allowed the user to take a picture by simply tapping anywhere on the screen and had an aiming reticle in center.

I know this is a long shot but with this awesome community, I thought it might be worth asking. Thanks for your help in advance.

Previous Devices:
Motorola StarTac
Verizon XV6600
Verizon XV6700
Verizon XV6800
(Miscellaneous others I can't remember)
AT&T Tilt
AT&T Touch Diamond 2
TMobile HD2 (Running on AT&T's network)
iPhone 3G
iPhone 3Gs
iPhone 4
HTC HD7S (Returned due to echo and hiss)
Samsung Infuse (ZEUS)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7" (VZW - CM7 Beta-Kang)
Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 WiFi (Bindroid KME v1.1)
Samsung Note (AT&T Version)
Samsung Note II (AT&T Version)
Samsung Note III (AT&T Version)