Default No ringtones or system sounds on ParanoidNexus LBL

Little help, if someone would be so kind..! I seem to have stuffed up my system sounds, ringtones etc, in as much as none of them play. I extracted the ogg files from my Nandroid backup and put them in the appropriate folders (ringtones, alarms, notifications), however now none of them are playing.. The phone is silent. Speaker is ok, as I can play music just fine.
I suspect I've done something to permissions, although have read conflicting reports as to what the correct permissions should be.

Update.. They are all back.. Sort of. I cleared the Media storage in apps, so they all appear in the list again after a reboot, however when selecting a ringtone or sound, they all make the same sound.. A "ding". The files themselves are all different sizes, so there's no duplication.
Any idea please?
Sony Xperia SP C5303 Nexus P-A-C 4.4.4, LBL. Viper4Android, Pon3, Elements of Fidelity, ExtremeBeats Studio.