Sign [Q] Soft Brick and ?'s

OK...I soft bricked my Note 3. Here are the specifics.

Verizon Note 3 Retail

4.4.2 OTA firmware

Had SafeStrap installed

Had GeoHot rooted

I started out wanting to throw a custom ROM on my phone through SafeStrap. I couldnt get the Eclipse ROM to load into SafeStraps ROM slots. After much failure and the ROM not loading I had wiped EVERYTHING. Not a problem as I figured I would start over. Now my Note 3 seems to be bootlooping in the Samsung logo. My question is this.

How do I get out of this softbrick?

And how do I finally get this eclipse ROM to be my daily driver? Had lots of fun with my old Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but this is giving me some issues.