Default [Q] Is there a Dev page for Cyanogenmod?

I can find the download page for this project : , but when I searched for a dev page here to discuss issues and read other's experiences I could find no vanilla page, posted on eprinter's page, was closest I could find.
Just wondered where the discussion is for this build that is used in other's work, I recall seeing one for my other former devices here, is it eluding me?
I wanted to see if there was any progress in getting the volume in calls to actually have a max that was max and not this whisper I am getting, had to keep ringer and notifications linked or it was even quieter.
Google, give us back our SD card storage...
Atrix HD Philz 6.0, Vanilla Cyanogenmod 11 JBL Nightly and a 4000mAh battery mod.
Alternate phone Atrix 2 for my son pure stock.