Default [Q] How can I block Spotify's autostart when connecting a jack?

Hello! Does anybody know how can I block Spotify's autostart at jack connection? I am using a different music app for music listening and don't want to use Spotify all the time. I already blocked every permissions with the built-in app ops and also disabled every single Spotify service, but no luck, it still starts at connect, very annoying...
  • Phone: Sony XPERIA V (LT25i / tsubasa)
  • Android: KitKat 4.4.4 (with ART)
  • Bootloader: Unlocked
  • Baseband: 47
  • ROM: Official CyanogenMod 11 (Nightlies)
  • Kernel: 3.4 (FXP)

Previous Phones:
- Sony XPERIA V (LT25i / tsubasa) (bricked - accidentally formatted in CWM completely and turned off :$ - NEVER do that!)
- SE XPERIA Mini Pro (SK17i) with M66B's & mike's CM10-10.1-10.2-11.0