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zerolemon 3000mah

OP mikeprius

12th May 2014, 12:07 PM   |  #11  
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1st July 2014, 09:49 AM   |  #12  
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Originally Posted by mikeprius

Just ran my Samsung battery again and recharged it. It lasted about 8 hrs 20 min this past time. It charged faster than the Zerolemon as well. I may try Ankor or another extended battery. The actual door batteries seem to be better value. My friend got the mophie juice pack for $99. No NFC, no USB OTG, bulky, 2300mah. That's a pretty bad deal the case is huge and that's way too expensive for such little battery..I use USB OTG alot

How about a Onite one?It is popular on Amazon.
1st July 2014, 11:34 AM   |  #13  
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Originally Posted by Hermosa

How about a Onite one?It is popular on Amazon.

I never tried it. What I ultimately did was get a portable battery pack and another Samsung battery. The portable battery pack can charge the phone on the fly with the USB cord and also charge any other phones or devices. The spare Samsung battery is for a battery swap if I need the phone ASAP.

The first Samsung battery I got was a fake, so I just went to Fry's Electronics and bought retail an authentic Samsung battery. I knew the Samsung battery was a fake because around 13% it would be become unstable and just turn off. It never went systematically to 0. It just was a toss up when the phone died under 13%. Eventually the battery would just completely die in 2 hrs.

This what I'll do in the future is just buy a spare stock battery. I already have a universal portable battery pack.

I looked at all options. The ZeroLemon extended batteries are bulky (the big ones) and heavy. For anyone who holds and uses their phone a lot, the phone becomes very big to just take in and out of the pocket frequently. Plus it looks horrible in my opinion. If you feel that is a great option for you, more power to you. I take a lot of pictures with my phone, and that battery pack isn't happening.

I also looked at battery pack cases which were not my thing. You buy a Mophie case that makes the phone so huge and only charges your phone to 80% ? For a whopping $100. What a deal.

I bought a spare authentic Samsung battery from Fry's for like $30 or so. My phone is slim, I can take pictures easily, and when I socialize with women and get their numbers, they aren't laughing at my ridiculous phone lol.
Last edited by mikeprius; 1st July 2014 at 11:52 AM.
1st July 2014, 04:55 PM   |  #14  
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I like my zero lemon batteries actually. I got what I paid for. Marginal batteries which help me get through the day. I didn't expect some magical change. They are 10 bucks how much did you think they would help? I like the red charger and I swap between the two batteries I got. Beats carrying around a charger I just pop the other battery in and I'm good for the day.
1st July 2014, 11:45 PM   |  #15  
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That's fair. They just were not my thing. I'm content with another genuine Samsung battery. One of my friends got one and still has it. He said that the additional time is not there anymore, and they have the same life as the Samsung batterys. Not sure if it is his battery or how they really are, but I'm content not having it. Plus the battery creates a very minor bulge at the back. I had a very tight fitting case on when I tried the battery and it created a minor gap.

If you like them more power to you, but I don't care for their products.
2nd July 2014, 11:25 AM   |  #16  
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I have a 3000mah battery.. idk what brand.. it was a gift. So to get the most outta my L720t I bought a $9.99 wall mounting battery charger. And at night I'll charge both my Samsung battery and the extended life one. I use my Samsung till it's dead.. then I'll pop in the slightly bigger one. This way I always know I'll have enough juice..

Thanks for all your input guys.. I was wondering weather or not to get another 3000mah battery.. I'll stick with what's working... lol
Last edited by Daisflaque; 2nd July 2014 at 11:30 AM.
3rd July 2014, 02:31 AM   |  #17  
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I get over 4hrs of on-screen time on my stock battery in my gs4 that I bought the first week in may 2013. I was considering the zerolemon 3000mah but idk now. worst case scenario is that I can always return it if I see no improvement over stock
3rd July 2014, 11:40 PM   |  #18  
OP Senior Member
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Just depends on what your need is. Are your guy's cases super tight fitting ? There will be a slight bulge at the back, full disclosure, so if it is extremely tight fitting that might be an issue. Do you have an aluminum backplate battery cover ? Again, you might run into problem it's not a 100% OEM fit, more like 97%.

I just don't think it is worth the hassle since the stock battery works fine and fits fine plus has Samsung quality control, but that's just me. The questionable benefit, unknown quality of the battery, and bulge at the back isn't my thing.

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