Thumbs up a bit of a difference

Ok the first thing i did when i got my moto e was that i changed the runtime to art. The difference is a bit noticable. But only over time. As you will use it more and more the better it gets. In case of dalvik its kinda opposite. Over time as the dalvik cache keeps on building up the performance reduces. I didnt find that in case of ART. True the benchmarks are pretty low and they will be. As its new. Just as one continues to use ART the benchmarks will increase but not to the point of the benchmarks of our trusty companion Dalvik. This is understandable as ART is pretty new almost a alpha or RC or whatever if not a beta. Infact the ART code itself has over 1500 changes in android L from 4.4.2/4.4.3 . Dalvik on the other hand a couple hundred changes here and there. I havent seen the changes yet but am sure ART is going to get a lot better now. If only our device gets Android L in time...
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