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I am on DN3 RC2 and flashed S5 mod its a good rom , and i like to increased sound(as i were using boost sound in all previous roms i flashed). So did good research from XDA. After all decided to find ultra volume. And i noticed high volume after using this gain file. Just replace defaul_gain.conf using root explore.

Steps to use the mod are simple-
Download the attached default_gain.rar file.
Extract and find file default_gain.conf
using a root explorer replace default_gain.conf in the system>etc folder.
Backup your original default_gain.conf file in sd card location in case you want to revert back.

ENJOY Ultra volume (tested on dn3v5 its working )
Works fine increasing volume on the 900h. Music is insanely loud now. But messes up the dialer. So basically, can listen to music but can't make or receive calls. Wonder if anyone has a workaround for that