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Yes and ? That's a fair price for s-off. The profit you gain for having it is well worth the money....

- lock the bootloader again
- flash recoveries from within the recovery or app. In other words no pc needed anymore
- return the phone back to stock 100% for warranty issues.
- down and upgrade the hboot anytime
- flash any firmware to convert the phone as it's unbranded if you have a branded one.

All nice examples.

And the choice to buy it or not is in the hands of the user. People should not complain that it cost a bit, be happy it's there. The firewater team also invested in the exploit, especially time and maybe also some bricked devices.

i know what's the "pro" of s-off.... i did s-off on a old htc desire and htc ville... all for free... if will be released a free-tool with a FREE donation , if not, no problem.... peace!
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