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best camera is nikon d5100 its cheap but the quality of images it produces is amazing
Just because its price - quality ratio is decent doesn't mean it's the best.... Far, far from it. Maybe if you only snap pictures in bright light and never view them in 100%. But you can't expect real quality from a cheap camera.

It can't handle Macro in low light, for one. I did a project once with leftover contact lenses, a laser pen, no other light source and a Macro lens. The d5100 would not have handled that well. (A 600D I used for the initial setup did not either, same level. My EOS 70D had no issue, even without a stationary.)

Neither can it handle high iso ratings well, making it useless in low light without a stationary. Noise starts appearing around 400 ISO, whereas a higher-level one can handle up to 3200 without noise. Top-tier can do 6400 without noise.

The best would be a full-frame, like the EOS 5D mk3 or the better yet, the EOS 1D.

Will cost you several thousand quid, though.

In its price range, the d5100 does fairly well. But do not call it 'the best'. That's just silly (bit like saying the S5 mini is the best.)

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