m on SS 3.75 with both stock rom and superlite

im having a few issues on both roms

1. Widgets stop functioning, are not clickable and dont display updated information.

The only resolution i found for this so far is to remove them and re add them to the page.

2. Same thing goes for apps after that have been used.

After leaving an app, could be any, if you try and click it to open it again, it is unclickable

3. When those 2 things happen, sometimes the home key, menu key, back button and power button do not operate.

Which means i sometimes cant turn the screen off with the power button.

4. When scrolling through pages of the phone, theres a distortion line on the top of the screen, just below the status bar

5. Trying to add google now widget on blank pages i get a toast message that theres no more room on the page

6. Is there a way to get wifi hotspot on this rom?

Any ideas, help?
Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 4.4.2