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Hi mate, If you still have the rom downloaded, could you please upload it for us? Its been taken off the MoKee site and cannot seem to find it anywhere else. Would very much appreciate it as this is the only way I can see to get the phone working properly again. Thanks.
Finally, I have discovered a solution to this menacing problem. Here it is folks!

The trick is, you need to install a custom kernel which could disable the HDMi interface by all means. I have downloaded the JBX kernel ver. "JBX-Kernel-3.5-Hybrid-Spyder-4.4_2014-07-08.zip" and flashed it over my LiquidSmooth rom.
The LiquidSmooth build is "LS-KK-v3.1-2014-07-06-umts_spyder.zip" from early July. I used a clean install on the rom (wiped all data on my phone) and then after flashing the rom and the gapps... I flashed the JBX kernel over it. Although, while installing the JBX kernel... you MUST leave the "disable HDMi" option selected. The fault is only with the HDMi interface, so you MUST disable it for things to work properly.
As for the last couple of hours, the rom is running fine and the white pixelated screen is gone. I can't describe the joy I feel after fixing this one.
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