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  • You're right there was no CCACHE support. Thanks for the pointer, it's added now! Beware that your Dockerfile doesn't initiate /srv/ccache in a dedicated volume (you're only using a volume in build.sh).
  • Right now I'm still using a single folder in $HOME/android. You might create subfolders inside if you're compiling multiple ROMs, this should be no problem.
  • Building on Ubuntu 14.04 seems to work fine. I am surprised to read on the page you mentioned that OpenJDK 7 should be used. Right now my build does not compile unless I'm using OpenJDK 6.
  • Regarding DEBIAN_FRONTEND - I'm already using this since the beginning - have a look!

Thanks for your comments, especially about ccache I'm not a fan of having tons of ROMs without being able to tell a difference, so if you're ok with it, we can either merge the remaining stuff from your repository into mine, or the other way around. What do you think?
Yep, I'd definetly like to have just one build env. There is no point for multiple docker files.... I just uploaded mine to be able to talk about it.

Building with OpenJDK7: add "EXPERIMENTAL_USE_JAVA7=1" to your android-env-vars.sh and make sure that java -version says java 7... I'm still setting the ANDROID_JAVA_HOME to java6, though. It might not be tested with every ROM, but Omni should work AFAICT.

run.sh looks cool, too. I can't see an obvious reason why I'd like to keep my docker definition (well, except for "I still have to test it"). Thank you!