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Sir i got bunches of question..
1.on Cm11 i recently released by arm teams when i try to read my sdcard it sometime loads and say operation unsuccessful. I try root explorer it show blind. Is this my sdcard problem or cm11 (cm9; cm10 doesn't do this problem) my sdcard SAMSUNG class 10 16gb.

2. Cm9 sky walker tw5 rom in his recent app panel there are taskmanager;search;clear all icons but if i press it didn't work. How to fix them

3. Why i see bunches of unreadable font in note++ when i try to read apk xml file..

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1. Since you have no SD Card problem with CM9 and CM10, I'm assuming it must be a problem with CM11. Haven't installed the latest version of CM11, so can't tell you more about that.

2. I suggest you better ask about this in the rom thread. Only the developer will be able to provide the fix.

3. The bunch of unreadable font/ characters are nothing more than the encodings used in XML.

Hope I Helped