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I hate to beat a dead horse (or be the noob). Why exactly does the apk installer require root? I noticed that ES File explorer allows me to explore parts of the phone that I was not aware you could see without root. Does the installer change specific parts of the phone outside of the camera application itself, or are the parts modified simply inaccessible without root access (I know this sounds like an obvious question, but I guess that's why this is the Q&A section and not the dev thread)?

I would root if I could, but unfortunately my parents pay the phone bill, and they've prohibited me from rooting (for now...I've rooted and flashed ROMs before so that might be why ). What would happen if I installed the apk file w/o root? Anyone know?

EDIT: I think I answered my own question with a little bit more exploring...I'd still like to hear an official answer if it's not too much to ask for anyway.
Even though you can explore areas of the phone in es file explorer you would not be able to change anything because it will only let you read the files and you won't have write access which is what root does it allows us to read and write the system files

The apk installer does the same thing as the flashable zip and in this case the camera mod is a port of the g pro 2 camera this means it not only changes camera app but it also modifies a couple different files(mainly a bunch of libs for the camera and a few xml files) in the system sections and to modify these you need root access; if you try to run the apk installer without root access nothing will happen everything will remain the exact same way

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