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Hi Steeve,
Thanks for answer. I really do not know what else I can do. I tried custom ROM-s, official ROM-s, official recovery and CWM, no/root, I always did factory reset/wipe cache/dalvik cache before installing ROM but the random rebooting persists. I also tried to remove SIM card/Micro SD. Even on stock B10 without root and no apps installed I encountered random rebooting. Now the question is if it is software or hardware related issue and maybe someone can read it from the log.
It's a pleasure to help . I tried to see some cases of phone which reboot randomly, and most of the cases where after an uptade.

So I don't know if it is your case but you may try it: do a back up of all your personal files, connect your phone to your PC, go to the internal memory, delete ALL, especially little files( with few KB that can causes bugs) . If you use and external SD cars, delete all again. After it take the ROM you want ( I recommend B09 which is very stable, or jozco's ROM in B08) .

As you know , before flashing, wipe all.

Tell me if you have some results!