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I bought the Oppo Find 7a 2 weeks ago. Everything is great except that the phone would randomly lose data connection on T Mobile 3G/4G network. I am aware of the APN fix and the phone seems to work fine when the data connection is established. I have to keep toggling mobile ON/OFF but it seems more miss than hit.

I also contacted Oppostyle of the issue and it has been 3 days without any response.

Has anyone have similar issues? I bought this one to replace a Nexus 5 (which I moved to another network) and that phone never had data issue in those locations. I sure hope Oppo responses soon. Not expecting this much of trouble from a top of the line phone and I thought Oppo service was good.

Yes, I have the same problem. When I got mine initially the data was working. My problem started after I upgraded to the latest software.
I contacted Oppo support and they asked me to perform the following on my phone and send the data back to them. I just sent it yesterday and I'm waiting for them to get back to me. So, you may want to do the same thing and open a support ticket. 1st you will to create an account on the Oppo support web site.

And to save you time follow this procedure and send it to them as well. It's a large file, zip the file and send via your email once you get the acknowledgment from them on your support ticket..........

" Please follow this simple steps:

1. Input *#800# to Dial pad to enter Engineer mode, entry device_log.
2. Click delete histroy log(the first button), then click the open device-log(the second button).
3. When you encounter this issue again, navigate to file manager(path: Files > Phone storage)
4. Copy the folder diag_logs to the computer and compress it to a ZIP file.
5. After you're done repeat Step 1 and turn off device-log(the third button).

Once you obtain the file please let us have it attaching it into your next email."