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Well I have no issues detected yet with using the new superuser app. It is smooth , clean and works as expected without the enforcements of buying a pro version like the previous one. This new superuser is well tested and new in sediROM only - so as said I need feedback if it works for you, too

The CPU part is something still not finished yet. You can talk a lot about that and what the best settings are but the settings I'm using are:

min 216
max 1200
scaling interactive

I also use a profile when screen is off which sets the max to 612 and to ondemand. I also undervoltage all freq's from 1000 MHz to 608 MHz with -100mV , 456 MHz with -50 mV and 312 MHz with -5 mV

Again: Those settings are stable (in my case) - but does not have the battery savings I hoped.. The CPU part is planned for one of the next versions to be predefined for the user but first when they have a positive impact
10-4 thanks for your response sir. I havent noticed anything weird with my settings except that sometimes it will randomly switch to lazy instead of interactive, perhaps it is due to set cpu. Which app are you using for this? I would also like to have something to tweak the undervoltage. Thats one of the things Ive never messed with btw, but you just gave me some parameters I could start with Would you mind telling me which app are you using please. Is it system tuner maybe I did notice that after installing ALL my apps back with titanium backup, they are working ok,l however Summoners war was not working it would freeze my phone completely. What I did was actually uninstall it and download it back from the play store (phew good thing my progress was saved on the hive server) mmmmmm thatīs the only thing Ive noticed so far. I believe in about phone I saw Kernel litekernel version 3.1. something (I believe), I honestly do not remember, just FYI. Letīs see.... hmmm a couple of total freezing of the phone, but it also happened to me in stock like within the first 3 days of use, so Ill just wait for the phone to get used to it. So happens with the battery, but it will hopefully get stable in the next couple of days. The rest of the apps are doing great I already synced all of my contacts from my hotmail account (so far so good with the sync, as you mentioned you had a lil issue, it could have been connection issues perhaps, just assuming) SU is working smooth, no issues at all, already used titanium, grennify, some other apps that require root access, did my bat calibration earlier in the morning as well. Havent got the missing audio after using my headsets. Call quality just as in stock. Iīll compare the battery life using the phone as I used stock ICS today. I am not able to use it that much during the day cause of work, but with the regular usage with stock by the end of the day I would have still around 60% or 70% so well see how it goes today. Btw, could you recommend a theme for Atom launcher. I honestly dont like it that much but I guess Ill try it a little, I tried to create a folder and the damn thing would not let me put more than 3 apps inside it ughh. Anyways, not such a big deal. So far thatīs all Ive got to report. Phone is so much faster than when I tried Literom for the first time, and obviously faster than stock