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I was able to reset my data and now everything but my hotspot on my Sprint Samsung ATIV S Neo is working. What I did was go to my dialing screen, put in ##72786# and hit ok twice. This reset all of my network settings. Next I connected to the WiFi and went to device self service and set it to activate. I let the process start and run for 3 minutes and then I just shut it down before it finished activating. I left the phone off for 5 minutes and when I turned it back on, my 4g was showing and I could browse the internet. My messaging works as well. the only thing left out of this is that my mobile hotspot will not configure. I can try to name it and enter a password but when I start to save it, nothing happens. Oh well, can't win them all.
I did ##72786# and pressed OK once. Reset my phone. Turned WiFi on. Went to Device Self Service and it reactivated itself. I am now able to use data. Havent tried MMS yet.