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I love this, I've always said that the mms is awful this is more colorful the only thing that i don't like is the translucent status bar. If It were solid, for me, It would be nicer.
Btw you should open the translation, after all is a system app.
And you should play with darker and lighters color in the inverse mode. Maybe making the background even darker and the action with that grey and the icons whiter. 👌
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First time I've ever heard that, lol.

Yeah. There is a lot that I need to do to the 'Inverted' version, but that'll get done in time. I mean, I have so much to do with the 'normal' version still. When I'm happy with it and release something solid, that's when I'll focus on the inverted version, and create something that is beautiful, and feels complete.

Again, I welcome anyone to use my code and post their own take on it. If you guys want the inverted code, I'll gladly post it on github.

Almost to 500 downloads! That's awesome. I really, really need to look into getting this on the Play Store. All these downloads and your guys' comments and constructive criticism keep me going

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