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OK, I think I need to publish a bit more detailed tutorial on how to use this app.
First of all, the 7z file is an archive, the actual executable is packed inside (use 7zip software on your PC to extract). You can then use sdb to push the file to the Gear. Once within the Gear shell (e.g. using "sdb shell"), if you did "sdb root on" beforehand, you can change permissions ("chmod 755 kill_contacts") and copy the file to /sbin ("cp kill_contacts /sbin"). Then you can run it as a service ("systemd-run --unit=kill_contacts.nonsamsung --description="Automatically Kill Contacts Every 2 Minutes" /sbin/kill_contacts"), but it will still not survive the Gear reboot. I need to figure out how to create a proper service configuration file, so it gets started automatically upon reboot. Will update on that later.
i'm getting no such file or directory as well. Please help