Hi SOKP users !

As you probably now, SOKP team, need our help to purchase new server.
All donations will be really appreciated.
If we can't reach 100USD, it will be the end...

I know that we are more than 100 users of SOKP, it only 1 dollars per user !
So please follow me and donate what you can.

Donation is not available in India, so you can send your funds as a payment via PayPal.

The only thing that you can do is select "make a payment" to this email ID : audiogod@live.com

Trust them, of course every dollars will be used for SOKP !

I have no link with SOKP, I'm a user and I really count on you to keep this projet alive.

Thanks you and regards.

LG G2 : d802
Rom : SOKP
Kernel : Auxilium