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I completely understand. That might be worth trying.

Great info about PIT files! I agree, it sounds like it probably isn't necessary to flash the .pit file unless maybe there is concern that the resident pit file has been corrupted.

Thinking further about pulling the battery, which I am reluctant to do...If in fact the only real risk of pulling the battery while in stock recovery is somehow corrupting or damaging the stock recovery, maybe it wouldn't be such a big deal since I am just going to replace it with Philz immediately afterward.
The way around pulling the battery would to be to just boot back up, power the phone down, than hold button to get back into Download Mode. If your data is corrupt than you can not reboot into your system, therefore a battery pull upon flashing a new recovery, stock or custom, is required.
Also, your better safe than sorry flashing the .pit file. This file directs where the images you flash in ODIN go. If for some reason they flash to a wrong partition.. that will be an issue..
So always use the .pit file